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Calls to Action: Don't Assume Your Visitors Know What You Want Them to Do!

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The numerous benefits of blogging for business include building brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, and increasing leads and sales. But how do you get a blog reader to turn into a lead or customer?

Unless you want to continually give away free iPads on your blog, it can be a challenge to convert readers to potential customers. That’s what a blog call-to-action is for. Below, we’ll share a few best practices for including calls-to-action in your blog posts:

1. Tell readers what to do.

At the end of a blog post, readers will hopefully want to learn more or get in touch with your company; this information is included in the call-to-action. This one or two sentence blurb should encourage the reader to take a specific action and push them further down the sales funnel. For example, it might read, “Get a free trial of our product” or “Call today to schedule a free consultation.” Use reassuring words like “free” and “zero-risk” to encourage response.

2. Give them channel options.
Don’t limit the way in which a customer can take action. Whenever possible, include at least two methods for readers to respond. You could include an email address, a URL, or a toll-free telephone number. The easier you make it for readers to take action the higher your response will be.

3. Create a response plan.
Be sure you have a system in place to handle any incoming emails or calls. If the call-to-action involves downloading a piece of content, such as a PDF or software trial, then you may want to have that content sit behind a simple form that captures a person’s name and basic contact information. This way, you can follow-up with each respondent.

Calls-to-action are a great technique for truly monetizing business blogs. Check out our own call-to-action: To learn more about Tucson business blogging, SEO, Web design, and more, get in touch with the experts at Anchor Wave. Contact us for a free consultation today or call us at (520) 622-3731.

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