Mar 6

Podcast: Keeping in touch with CRM

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There are plenty of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems available on the web and for your Mac or PC.  Mike & Jerry discuss why you should use a CRM and how you can use your website to automate common sales activities.  They also introduce you to the Social Print Experiment as a recent example of… Read more »

Feb 23

Getting traffic to your site when Search Engines won’t work

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Lots of small businesses come to Anchor Wave in desperate need of getting more traffic to their website. Typically, they want to know how to rank #1 on Google for “all of their keywords”. While in many cases this is plausible, for some businesses search engine optimization isn’t a good fit. I’m going to cover… Read more »

Feb 20

Facebook Advertising

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Listen to the second installment of the Anchor Wave podcasts.  Jerry Harkins of, Mike Schmidt of Anchor Wave Internet Solutions and Bob Bunge of Arizona Lithographers discuss how to get started with advertising on Facebook.  They also cover using Craig’s List and Google’s pay-per-click to generate more leads for your business.  They wrap up… Read more »

Feb 19

Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Optimized

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Mashable posted a good article called HOW TO: Make Your Small Business Geolocation-Ready. This is a service that Anchor Wave has been helping business out since Google released their local business results in March of 2004. Over recent years, geolocation and online mapping has taken off as smart phones and GPS devices begin to make it into our daily lives…Read the rest

Feb 17

You can't fake social media

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In response to our recent podcast, Interface Guru wrote a great article on their blog titled Social Media and Culture Fit: You Can’t Fake It. Interface Guru has a wealth of experience working with well known brands all over the US. Thanks for the perspective on how Social Media fits into cultures big and small…. Read more »