Jun 7

How Does Your Business’ Reputation Affect Your Web Traffic?

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The reputation of your company and your brand image are crucial. When your business has a positive reputation, you’re more likely to see loyal customers returning, as well as an influx of new customers walking through your doors. While the benefits of a positive reputation are undeniable, it’s often less well understood how a company’s… Read more »

May 24

Which Features Matter Most for Your Website?

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It is no longer enough just to have a website. Your website design also has to have the right features in order to rank highly in search and convert your visitors into customers. Failing to have the right features for your site can sabotage all of your other efforts to drive traffic to your site…. Read more »

May 10

Top Tucson Website Design Tips: Increasing Site Speed

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How fast is your website? If you’re not sure—or worse, if you know your site is slow—then you are putting the success of your digital marketing efforts at risk. Slow websites are a poor experience for users, who will react accordingly by visiting other sites that load faster. In fact, website speed is becoming a… Read more »

Apr 4

Anchor Wave featured in Local Tucson newspaper

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Our web strategist Tom Lickliter was just featured in Bill Nordbrock’s Biz Tip of the week column in the Arizona Daily Star! Read all about it here – https://tucson.com/business/biz-tip-of-the-week-generating-business-online/article_99a87955-2294-5d9f-a4fc-2b278a0d5b65.html

Mar 22

Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements

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Generating Better Results from Facebook Advertisements In general, marketers design ads to generate quick conversions. For example, a Google user searching for the phrase “blue suede shoes” might see an ad for blue suede shoes, click on it, and purchase the product. However, things work differently in Facebook. Here, savvy marketers have discovered that Facebook… Read more »