Dec 14

Google Update Affects Local Business

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Did you know in this last year, Google has made a significant change in the way that they are highlighting and promoting local businesses. See, let me tell you a story. When I started my business in 2003, I, like a lot of local business owners, took advantage of the complimentary listing that the Yellow… Read more »

Nov 23

The Importance of Content Marketing

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Content is a cornerstone of digital marketing, because it’s what fills in the space on your paid ads, populates your website, and drives your social media presence. When we talk about content marketing, however, it refers specifically to content that you regularly post on your business’s website—blog posts, infographics, and press releases, for example. Content… Read more »

Nov 16

Revisit Old Content to Make It New Again

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Every industry out there will evolve and change through time. While some, like the tech industry, will move at a fast pace, others will evolve a little slower. Still, no matter what industry your business falls into, there is probably always something new in the works. Staying on top of these trends and changes can… Read more »

Nov 9

Why Your Blog Needs Fresh Content

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If your business’s website has a blog, it’s important to keep it up to date with new posts. However, it’s not enough to churn out the same generic posts again and again. You’ll want to take a fresh perspective with your content and reevaluate your content strategy often, so that you can keep readers interested… Read more »

Oct 26

7 Questions on Local SEO

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SEO drives consumers to your website by raising awareness of your brand and allowing your business to serve as an answer to a question that consumers are asking. For example, when someone searches for “plumbers in Tucson, AZ”, your website may be among the first results if you have a strong SEO game. Of course,… Read more »