Sep 14

How Do Vision Impaired Individuals Use the Internet?

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The internet is a highly visual place, and you probably have a clear sense of that if you have ever launched a website or tried to increase views on your social media pages—the most popular content tends to be in images and videos, and website layouts can make a huge difference for their success, even… Read more »

Sep 7

Does Your Website Have to Be ADA Compliant?

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The Americans with Disabilities Act is an important law that ensures that individuals with disabilities will maintain the same access to information and services with reasonable accommodations to address various limitations that an individual may have. As technology has become more integral in daily lives—and more businesses are operating exclusively within an online marketplace—the ADA… Read more »

Aug 31

The Dos and Don’ts of Reputation Management

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Reputation management is a hot topic in digital marketing, as it’s an area of marketing that draws a lot of customer attention and requires consistent attention to keep up. If your company is without a reputation management plan or you are seeing a high rate of negative feedback, you should dedicate resources to managing and… Read more »

Aug 24

Why People Leave Bad Reviews

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Almost every business owner has had the sinking feeling of despair that comes with reading a bad review about their company. And while these types of reviews may feel like personal attacks because you care so much about your business, it’s helpful to keep in mind the reasons someone might feel inclined to leave a… Read more »

Aug 10

Encouraging Customers to Leave Positive Reviews of Your Business

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While reviewing businesses online is an increasingly common consumer practice, it can still be tough to see a high volume of positive reviews for your business. Unfortunately, many customers just don’t think about leaving reviews about services that met or even slightly exceeded their expectations, so you may not be getting recognition for a job… Read more »