A Guide to Using Long-Tail and Local SEO Keywords

One of the most important factors of online marketing is search engine optimization (SEO). The way your business approaches SEO impacts how easy it is for customers to find you online.

Many businesses integrate more complex keywords, such as long-tail and local keyword phrases, into their web design and copywriting. By using long-tail and localized keywords, an organization can attract those internet users who are searching in the area for the products and services that the organization offers.

Let’s take a closer look at integrating long-tail and local keywords into an SEO strategy.

Long-Tail Keywords

Common search terms are extremely competitive in every industry. If you do a Google search for “shoes,” you will see the first page of results dominated by big companies, such as Designer Shoe Warehouse and Zappos.com.  It is extremely difficult for a mom-and-pop shoe store to compete for the term “shoes” with those big companies.

That’s where long-tail keywords, consisting of three or more related terms, come into play. A smaller shoe store could optimize its site for specialized long-tail keywords that their customers might be searching for—for example, “Nike running shoes” or “Naot leather sandals.” This way, the business can try to occupy the highest SEO rankings for less generic but still plausible search terms.

Local Keywords

Local keywords are a particularly important variety of long-tail keywords. For many small businesses, even if they are active online, location is everything. Small businesses distinguish themselves by providing their services to their surrounding communities, and this should be reflected in their search strategy.

If you own a computer repair store in Tucson, then optimizing your web design and copy for the keyword “Tucson computer repair” will be much more effective than the more generic “computer repair.” By using keyword phrases that include your services, products, and location throughout your web design, you’ll ensure that local customers can find your business.

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