A Braille Website? Learn more about website ADA compliance in this interview

I was lucky enough to have Manny Aregullin who is a Lifestyle & Assistive Technology teacher at Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI) join me for an interview about websites for the visually impaired.

Since January 1st, we’ve had an increase of clients asking us about how the ADA applies to company websites.

You know, it’s easy to focus on the difficult aspects of this law, WCAG 2.0 website compliance, or the lawsuits that are beginning to be seen in the news.

But instead, I wanted to spend some time learning about the people who are actually impacted by a website that’s been built with accessibility in mind.

In the interview, Manny graciously gives us a unique view of someone who not only uses screen reading technology but teaches others to use it as well.

In this interview we cover….

… how those with low visibility or blindness use websites
… what it is like to use a website that isn’t accessible
… some easy things that can be done to help

Manny even shows us his braille machine too!  Amazing. Very cool.

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Mike Schmidt

P.S.  There are some simple things that can be done to ensure Manny and others with visual disabilities are able to experience your website the way it was intended to.

Since every site is a little different, we can look at your current situation and build an action plan on what you should do.  Let us know if you’d like us to build that plan for you.  There’s no cost to have us assess your site and build your action plan.

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