3 Signs Your Web Design Company Has Excellent Client Communication Skills

Great web design projects don’t just materialize in the designer’s mind. Communication between the client and the web design firm is a cornerstone for delivering successful business websites. When hiring a new design firm, look for these hallmarks of excellent communication:

1. They Are Great Listeners

When meeting with clients, a web design account representative should strike a balance between leading the conversation in the right direction and being a good listener. Great agencies will encourage clients to do the talking by having important questions ready and keeping their own responses brief. The client is the expert about their industry and what they are looking for in their web presence. Without a client’s input, a firm will be designing in the dark and more likely to miss the key points the client is looking for in a website.

2. They Ask Tough Questions

A talented account representative isn’t afraid to ask hard questions. If your design firm is asking questions like, “Describe your target audience,” or, “What are your online lead generation goals,” it shows they care about helping you improve your bottom line. These types of tough questions can lead to a more fruitful discussion that helps define the website structure and design.

3. They Put It In Writing

After a formal meeting or phone call, a top-notch agency will follow up via email to provide you with a bulleted summary of key points and next steps. Summarizing a conversation can keep both parties on track and will help set realistic guidelines for deliverables, deadlines, and design features. A written follow-up will also give you a chance to clarify any points that your account representative may have misinterpreted or missed altogether.

At Anchor Wave, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. Our Tucson web design clients stay informed during every phase of the process. For more information about online marketing and website design, give us a call today at (520) 622-3731.

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