Internet Marketing Project Coordinator

Posting Date: October 28th, 2014

An Internet Marketing Project Coordinator for Anchor Wave plays a central role in the coordination of internet marketing projects.  As the IM Project Coordinator, your role is to act as the communications and scheduling hub for each of the projects that you manage.  Strong organization, time management, written/verbal communication and customer service/relationship building skills are a must.

A day in the life of an IM Project Coordinator

IM Project Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the completion and ongoing support of internet marketing services, offering recommendations to maximize client results and setting/maintaining realistic expectations throughout the course of the relationship. Excellent customer service, relationship building and organization are a top priority.

The following describes what you can expect as an IM Project Coordinator at Anchor Wave.

  • Acting as the face of Anchor Wave and point-of-contact for internet marketing clients and internal team members.
  • Keeping projects moving along requires making sure communication is a top priority.  You’ll be communicating with clients via phone, email and in-person meetings about the progress of promised deliverables.
  • Meeting with clients at predetermined milestones and communicate through the duration of their contract.  These meetings are typically in person or by phone.  During those meetings, you’ll present completed work, get feedback and make any necessary adjustments.
  • In between these meetings, you’ll be making sure tasks are being completed within set timelines.  This includes making sure that tickets are done in time for your next scheduled client update as well as adjusting work objectives, client expectations and meetings as necessary.
  • You will be reporting the results of our efforts to clients on an ongoing basis (usually monthly), pointing out highlights and recognizing areas for improvement that can be implemented, such as content changes/additions, local directory optimization, social media contests, etc.

The ideal candidate will be motivated and gain satisfaction by…

  • Meeting business owners, delivering world class service and results
  • Being strategic in your approach to organization
  • Strategically addressing and overcoming challenges
  • Thinking like a business owner, focusing on results and bottom line
  • Seeing projects move through the process while meeting deadlines… from discovery to setup and ongoing communication
  • Finding ways to maximize the results of our internet marketing efforts, seeing them through to implementation, measuring the results and adjusting as necessary.
  • Having a sense of accomplishment as you see the positive results from the strategies you implement.
  • Working as a member of a team of really smart people.
  • Understanding the power of leveraging the team and delegating work in partnership with other team members.

Your background and experience probably includes some or all of the following….

  • Working in a position that places high value on customer service
  • Meeting and building solid relationships with people of different walks of life
  • Working in a B2B environment and thinking like a business owner
  • Measuring results of marketing campaigns and effectively communicate those results
  • Familiarity with National and Local SEO including keyword research, and on page recommendations that follow industry best practices
  • Broad range of social media and PPC strategy
  • Experience with SEO tools such as Moz, Raven Tools, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Experience working with WordPress
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS and other web technologies
  • Research, using Google to find answers to questions
  • Working in a leadership capacity, including keen decision making abilities especially when you might not have all the information at hand
  • Working as a member of a team as well as independently
  • Working with deadlines and budgets
  • Last but not least, Having fun!

Still with us?  Great!  This is a full-time position and a great opportunity to be a part of a growing company.  The salary range is $38-$42k/year and includes paid time off, health benefits reimbursement, 401K match and working with other smart people in an environment that supports learning.

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