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Making the Most of Email Marketing


Client interaction is essential for maintaining a strong and successful business. Email marketing provides a great way to reach out to people and create a stronger client base. These tips will help you make the most of your email marketing strategies. Build a Mailing List It is important to have a list of current clients […]

Promoting Your Business Through Social Media


A good website is important for every modern business. But today’s businesses can do much more for their online reputation by turning to social media. Websites like Facebook and Twitter let businesses reach out to current and potential customers while also promoting their products and services with shareable content. Staying Modern Today’s consumers do not […]

Is Your Site Responsive?


Websites provide the perfect connection between businesses and their consumers. These online brochures provide businesses with a platform to discuss products and services and reach out to potential new customers. But if your website is not responsive, it may be pushing those potential new customers away instead of drawing them in. Read on to discover […]

Is Your Business Using Outdated Social Media Practices?


The social media sphere is constantly shifting and evolving, and what was once considered best practices may now be bad advice. For your business’ online presence to make a positive impression, you will need to recalibrate your behavior across social media networks. Read on to learn how. Don’t Plead for Retweets Directly asking for retweets […]

How to Identify the Top-Performing Pages on Your Website


Your company website should inspire each visitor to explore your services or products, not click the back button. By monitoring user behavior on your website, you can pinpoint exactly what’s working, why, and how to improve your web design. Google Analytics allows you to analyze and leverage the following metrics about your top-performing pages. Pageviews […]

Tips for Identifying Your Target Audience


When you launch an email marketing campaign or pay-per-click ads, you want to tailor your efforts to reach the people most likely to buy your products or services: your target audience. Casting too wide a net will only waste marketing resources. In order to clearly define your expected customer base, use the following tips. Identify […]

Getting Started With a Business Instagram Account


With 150 million monthly active users, Instagram offers an ever-growing platform for your business to engage and interact with customers. Instagram makes it easy for businesses—big or small—to reach their audience, and companies such as Nike, GE, and Ben & Jerry’s have taken full advantage of this opportunity for visual marketing. Here are just a […]

Three Tips for a Better Business Homepage Design


The website homepage is the new business card. Just like a business card, your homepage needs to be eye-catching and to the point in order to make a positive first impression. When you work with professional web designers, they will help you implement the following tips for building a better homepage. Keep It Simple Don’t […]

An Introduction to Advertising on Facebook


It’s no secret that establishing a robust online presence is essential for today’s businesses. Facebook ads should be central to your social media marketing strategy, giving you the opportunity to expand and engage your customer base. Here are a few ways to make Facebook advertising work for you. Reach the Right People More than 1 […]

Information Security: It’s More Important Than Ever


The digitizing of business has made many things easier, but it also has ushered in a fair share of new concerns. Information security is one of the most significant risks facing companies today, and the importance of having a strong security system gets greater every day. If your company doesn’t have a sound information security […]

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