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Why the Future of Digital Marketing Lies in the User


Online marketing has become increasingly customized, targeting specific types of ads and product offers to certain users based on preferences and past history. Accurately targeting consumers with specific marketing requires knowledge of their habits. Thus, successful consumer-targeted digital marketing lies in tracking user statistics in order to deliver the most effective messages to each individual […]

Why Social Media Is Critical to Your SEO


Search engine optimization, or SEO, increases the number of visitors to your website by placing it highly in search engine rankings. Although SEO’s key strategy was once link building, today SEO hinges more critically upon the use of social media sites. Developing a strong presence among social media networks is the best way to increase […]

Social Media Marketing Trends That Dominate 2014


Social media has become an integral component of modern marketing campaigns. As new social networking platforms continue to emerge, it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest trends that could benefit your company. Keep reading to check out the dominant social media marketing trends of 2014 and learn more about how they could enhance your […]

Questions to Ask When Building Your Brand’s Online Presence


In today’s increasingly online society, building an online presence for your brand has become an essential component of a successful marketing campaign. Developing a widespread and approachable online presence for your brand allows you to reach a broad audience and connect with existing and potential customers. Examining a few key questions can help you cultivate […]

How Often Should Businesses Post on Social Media?


Maintaining a consistent presence via social media is an excellent way to reach new consumers and develop your relationship with existing customers. However, the frequency with which you post can have a significant impact on your business’s image and appeal. Finding the right posting frequency will keep consumers interested without overwhelming them with too much […]

A Look at Famous Internet Firsts


The internet is a fast-moving community where firsts are made and quickly surpassed. However, some of those firsts have become instrumental in creating the online environment enjoyed by all today. Check out this list of famous internet firsts to explore how history has shaped today’s social media-savvy world: The First Email The first email was […]

Why Social Media Interaction Is Key for Growing Your Business


Your customers use social media. Shouldn’t your business use it, too? Pages such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to interact with customers and build a stronger company. This guide covers some of the reasons why social media interaction is so important for today’s small businesses: Social Media Lets You Share Product Information Customers […]

The Principles of Effective Website Design

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When was the last time you looked at your company website? If it has been a while, your website may be utilizing outdated designs that make it unappealing to potential new customers. Principles of effective website design include: Attractiveness Your website serves as a visual representation of your company. Creating an attractive image is essential […]

New Rules that Drive Customer Engagement


Engaging customers helps companies stand out and create lasting relationships that lead to loyal business. Your small business can become more engaging to customers by learning about the new rules that customers find most important when choosing products and services: Customer Engagement Can Happen at Any Time It is important for your employees to remember […]

Creating a Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

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Does your small business have an online presence? It is essential for small businesses to utilize marketing strategies in the digital age in order to stay relevant and maintain strong relationships with customers. Use these tips to learn how to create a marketing strategy for your company: Determine What You Want to Accomplish Deciding to […]

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