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Web Design Mistakes to Avoid


The design of your website can have a dramatic impact on its usability and appeal. A business website that does not meet consumers’ needs or is difficult to navigate will hurt rather than help your web marketing strategy. If you are looking to create or redesign your business website for better impact, contact Anchor Wave […]

Secrets of Driving Traffic to Your Site


Websites allow your business to provide consumers with up-to-date information and real-time communication about your services or products. However, a website is only useful if your customers visit it regularly. Thus, driving traffic to your website should be one of your major web marketing goals. Host a Forum An online forum is a place where […]

Facebook for Your Business: The Basics


In today’s social media-savvy market, creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your business can expose your products and services to millions of potential customers. Understanding how to use this valuable resource properly can help to bring in more business while maintaining your image among current customers. The key to utilizing your business’ Facebook page […]

Essential Tips for Building an Online Presence


Establishing and maintaining an online presence is an important component of your overall marketing strategy. An effective website and widespread social network will make your business easy to find when interested consumers search for you on the web. Keep reading to discover a few key tips that will help you build a successful online presence […]

Questions to Ask in Monitoring Your Company’s Online Reputation


Maintaining a positive online reputation for your company can provide a dramatic boost in publicity and sales. However, your online reputation can be affected by many factors. While you cannot always control every aspect of your online reputation, monitoring what others have to say about your businesses and reacting appropriately will show your dedication to […]

What Is ‘Gamification’ in Social Media Marketing?

Mother and Daughter Working on the Computer

The use of social media has become a widespread marketing technique that allows businesses to reach out to consumers on a real-time basis. “Gamification” is a term that refers to the use of social gaming concepts and techniques in other fields, including online marketing strategies. Learning how to use gamification in your own social media […]

Creative Ways for Engaging Your Online Customers


Face-to-face interactions were once the only way for companies to engage customers. Today, thanks to the cultivation of new technology and online marketing techniques, there are many ways to engage online consumers as well. Using creative ways to interact with your online consumers ensures their continued interest and loyalty while building your own brand name. […]

Signs Your Business Needs a Website Upgrade

Portrait of a boy using laptop.

Maintaining a business website has become an important—and often necessary—aspect of marketing in the 21st century. As internet usage continues to increase, a relevant and up-to-date website is one of the most effective and far-reaching ways you will interact with current and future customers. Keeping your website up to date is essential to ensure it […]

Crafting an Effective Call to Action


A call to action is a statement typically placed at the end of written online content that offers additional direction to your readers. Your call to action may encourage those interested to sign up for your mailing list or newsletter, check out additional content on your website, or consider your company when they next need […]

Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

Retro TV Commercial

As increased connectivity via the internet changes the way consumers seek out products and services, new ways of marketing those services have begun to emerge. Numerous recent studies have found that many traditional methods of marketing have become less effective or even obsolete, changing the way businesses must interact with existing and new consumers alike. […]

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