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The Principles of Effective Website Design

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When was the last time you looked at your company website? If it has been a while, your website may be utilizing outdated designs that make it unappealing to potential new customers. Principles of effective website design include: Attractiveness Your website serves as a visual representation of your company. Creating an attractive image is essential […]

New Rules that Drive Customer Engagement


Engaging customers helps companies stand out and create lasting relationships that lead to loyal business. Your small business can become more engaging to customers by learning about the new rules that customers find most important when choosing products and services: Customer Engagement Can Happen at Any Time It is important for your employees to remember […]

Creating a Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age

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Does your small business have an online presence? It is essential for small businesses to utilize marketing strategies in the digital age in order to stay relevant and maintain strong relationships with customers. Use these tips to learn how to create a marketing strategy for your company: Determine What You Want to Accomplish Deciding to […]

A Look at Social Media Marketing Fails in 2013


If your business doesn’t have social media pages, you are missing out on great marketing opportunities! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram make it easy to reach out to customers and share fun facts about your products and services. Some companies do not always make the best decisions regarding their social media marketing techniques, leading to fails […]

3 Social Media Trends to Incorporate in Your Business Marketing

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You may already know how beneficial social media can be for your small business. These websites let you interact with customers and spread the word about various products, services, and events. But knowing about the importance of social media is not enough to stay successful; you must also stay on top of the most effective […]

Should You Outsource Online Marketing or Do It Yourself?


Social media does much more than just keep people connected; it also offers the perfect way for businesses to connect with their customers! You can use your social media accounts to gain fans, provide information, and share deals and coupons. But first you must decide if you should outsource your online marketing or do it […]

What Is An AdWords Quality Score and Why Is It Important?

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We all turn to Google to help us find information. Customers also turn to Google when they are looking for products and services but do not know which company to choose. Google relies on AdWords to offer relevant advertisements for each user’s search. Knowing about AdWords and your quality score can help you make the […]

Web Design 101 for Small Business Owners


If your business does not have a website, you are missing out! Today’s businesses need more than just websites to bring in new customers; they need attractive websites that are updated regularly in order to appeal to the most visitors. Find out why web design is so important for your small business: Why is Redesign […]

How User-Friendly Is Your Business Website?


Your website says a lot about your business. Many of today’s customers rely on Internet searches to help them learn about businesses that provide the products and services they need. Creating a user-friendly website will build a stronger online reputation that draws in more customers. Look for these user-friendly elements in your web design: Content […]

Increase ROI with These 3 Call-to-Action Tests


A call-to-action is a message that encourages website visitors to click a specific button or link. Successful calls-to-action inspire the most clicks, leading to more sales and better ROI. You can increase your ROI by performing these call-to-action tests: 1. Call-to-Action Placement It is normal to place your call-to-action at the end of a blog […]

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