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Top Apps that Make Doing Business Easier


Web marketing has made it easier than ever to conduct business, stay organized within your company, and reach out to new customers. If you want to give your business every advantage, you should consider using the following apps. Roambi Analytics Increase your business productivity with this free app that helps you easily read data pertaining […]

Does Your Business Need a Google+ Page?


If you want to attract more customers to your business, you have to make it as easy as possible to find information about your company online. Social media websites like Google+ give you an advantage in the industry and make it easier for consumers to search for your business. Keep reading to find out what […]

Damage Control: Dealing with Negative Reviews Online


In today’s Internet-driven world, it is extremely important to have a positive online presence. A few negative reviews can severely impact the way the public views your company. Keep reading to find out how you can control the damage if you have received any negative online reviews. Respond Positively If you handle it properly, receiving […]

Email Marketing Basics


At a time when video and mobile marketing are taking off, email marketing remains an essential staple of any comprehensive business marketing solution. Understanding the basics of email marketing can give you the stepping-off point you need to create a personalized and effective message for your business. Avoid Hosted Versions Many companies provide additional information […]

Why Having a Mobile-Friendly Site is a Must


Since the development of smartphones and mobile tablets, the computer has become only one of many possible ways to access the web. Mobile-friendly websites have been increasing in number exponentially over the past few years as more users gain access to mobile platforms. As this form of web browsing continues to rise in popularity, it’s […]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business


Since its creation in 2006, Twitter has become one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Through the use of 140-character or less “tweets,” both individuals and businesses can share information, promote special events, and make personal connections. As a business, you can use Twitter to create a follower base and promote […]

Have You Made These Social Media Mistakes?


Social media sites provide a valuable way for you to interact with customers and create meaningful connections. However, there are a few common mistakes businesses often make, regardless of whether they are new to social media or experienced with this communication platform. Even if you have made social media mistakes in the past, taking action […]

Choosing a Domain Name


Your business’s website is essentially the online “face” you present to those who want to learn about and interact with your company. However, your website’s design is only one factor in its ultimate success or failure. The right choice of domain name is another key element of developing the most appealing website for your business’ […]

What Is Facebook Graph Search?


As of June 2014, there are more than 1.32 billion active users on Facebook and nearly 830 million people log onto the site daily. This versatile and widespread social network provides amazing opportunities for businesses to increase website traffic, improve their client base, and interact directly with consumers. Facebook’s Graph Search is a semantic search […]

Why You Should Consider Email Marketing


Web marketing comes in many forms, from creating and maintaining websites and social media pages to utilizing online communications such as email. Email marketing can be a powerful tool that allows your business to reach out to new and existing customers alike on a regular basis. This tried-and-true marketing method remains an effective complement to […]

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